What Matters Most?

There is a point in summer when the vivid greens and bright flowers turn a little haggard.

You know what I mean.

There is yellowing around the edges or bugs have turned them into lunch.

It is the time when urgency, to slow things down, takes hold.

Oh, that this weather would last!

But, let’s face it, it has been a highly irregular year already. The certainty of the seasons does little to calm our nerves as we look to fall.

The one thing I didn’t see this summer was the wide array of back to school sales. Usually on air by 4th of July, they would be maddening to me because it seems the summer season had barely begun. Huh. Even advertisers took a hiatus to regroup.

It seems like we are all in the collective “tentative” soup.

While we know what’s best for students of all ages in the brains department, the uncertainty of the health of our community gives us pause. The mystery of the black curtain of Covid-19 looms before us. If it were something that wasn’t sweeping across the globe, killing more in our country than others, one could almost dismiss it.

Yes, but only almost.

It is an unseen predator.


Like a Grizzly Bear or Lion, it uses the smaller, weaker members of our species, to get what it really wants. The big kill. It severely invade both our healthy and vulnerable populations.

Recent studies show children are less likely to develop symptoms than they are to spread the germ itself. In fact, we are told, that children can contribute to spread just as much, if not more, than adults can.

So the questions are:

· Why would we want to risk the future of a solid educational foundation by sending kids to school now only to face a possible shut down if infection gets out of hand?

· Can well planned virtual learning suffice until we can get the kids vaccinated?

· What matters most: Health/Education? Life/Livelihood?

In the coming weeks, the “hybrid”, Plan A/Plan B, mask on or off, teaching models will be put into play.

There are a few things to think about:

Subs? All but nonexistent in the past few years. Will there be any to take over for someone for a long period of time. Is this quality learning?

Diligence? How do we know that after a week of super cleaning, our staff won’t get a little complacent?

Hiring new teachers: The crisis in education is not going to be this virus. Ultimately, it will be the lack of the educator pools.

As teachers jump off the sinking ships of schools who are not throwing them a life line, the already diminished groups of new teachers will turn to another vocation. I have had people in education tell me before there was a virus, they would steer their children away from the job.

Throw in a pandemic and direct teachers to open schools, and if you didn’t like virtual learning, you’d better get used to it. There won’t be anyone out there to want to even teach face to face anymore.

So, what do teachers need?

Community Understanding!

Empathy! Back up! Support! To be valued!

But most of all,

To be heard.

Thanks for listening. This too shall pass.

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