What does your gut say?

My daughter was here over the 4th of July.

It was a very different holiday than years past, but since I don’t see her often, we made the best of it.

We didn’t go to restaurants. We didn’t have drinks at bars. We spent a lot of time outdoors.

A few days before leaving Denver, Alyssa took a Covid test. She did it for me and herself and the extended family. Thankfully, her outcome was negative and her friend’s was as well.

How safe is safe?

I was fearful that she might have walked through the spray of germs coming from the mouths of the unmasked here in Michigan.

You know, the ones you can’t avoid? They reach over you, cut in line, breathe down your neck, and seem to not believe the science..

My daughter was amazed at how many people around here were not masked up. In Colorado, it was rare to see someone without a mask.

You know, I used to be amused by those who chose the “it’s my right” argument to go unmasked. You know, the ones who condemn a governor for being on a power trip in an effort to take care of a public health crisis. I am pretty sure that governors are between a rock and a hard place when it comes to their popularity.

It strikes me that governors are only figure heads. REAL leadership must come from the people they govern to accept the rules.

We are failing.

As a nation, we are letting this virus bring us to our knees. It is killing us and bringing about so much hatred.

This is America.

Our rights should be about saving each other before saving ourselves.

Selflessness is the key when it comes to real leaders.

I know we have not seen these types of leaders in quite a while. You know, those without a specific agenda.

The day that the Coronavirus came to America is the day most leaders turned into chickens with their heads cut off. How dare the virus come in an election year?

No one knew what to do, and those that DID know, were trying to saddle up with a plan only to be pushed off the horse.

People, this is not a time to be grandstanding about your rights.

Don’t worry.

They are still there.

But will you be?

Science is no hoax.

People who study pandemics know and can predict what will happen. The more they find out about this novel virus, the more they can pass on to the public.

If you recall, masks were not considered a priority at first because there weren’t enough of them. We were told to save the masks for the health care workers. Now that we know more, masks can help in stopping some of the spread.

America has the most cases of COVID 19 and the deaths keep piling up.

A friend used Facebook yesterday to put out a question: “If you had the ability to save a life, would you?”

Of course many answers were “of course” or ” done it many times before” or “who could say no to this?”

Yet when asked to wear a mask, they are indignant about rights.

My advice: Pick a different battle.

Right. I said it.

No one is taking anything from you.


It is our right to LIVE first.

Come on!


It’s time to UNITE and save lives.

Thanks for listening to all of you that read the whole blog today.

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