We are the box

Can you imagine trusting a group of 20 somethings with coming up with a plan to roll out the vaccine for Covid fast and efficiently?

I mean I know quite a few who can't pick up their clothes or put away the dishes.

Well, it’s happening complete with a dog mascot to supervise.

This group of young engineers from Drexel University has cut through the red tape that is holding up the process nationwide.

How? “Thinking out of the Box.”

Reaching out to the Philadelphia Health Department for sponsorship, these young minds have come up with an efficient, paperless, and simple way of signing up for, as well as distribution of Covid vaccine.

Barely able to enter a bar or tap room, these students have tackled, with ease, the problem that seems to be gumming up the works for the old guard. They are asking that health departments around the country reach out to them for guidance.

Man! I love a story like this!

Amid the chaos, the noise, the anger, these young brains have fleshed out a system that is not political, cutting edge, or random. It is a methodology that has no distraction. It is following an old approach by looking at it with fresh eyes.

What is not working? How can we fix it? Let’s make it benefit Americans.

Leadership does not require an age or years of experience. Out of the box thinking is often met with the brick wall mindset of those who have been around the block. The ones who created the box in the first place. After all, what can “wet behind the ears” college students have to offer at all?

We must respect fresh ideas and different trains of thought if we are to move forward in a workforce or in a society that is mired down.

I am encouraged that we will benefit from young people without an agenda that are just making a better world.

Cheers to GOOD NEWS and a hopeful future for all.

Thanks for listening.

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