To Lead is to Serve: The Servant Leader

I have just re-read The Servant Leader by Ken Blanchard and Phil Hodges.

In it, they define leadership as an influential process in which the leader tries to influence followers to goal accomplishments.

I have found this in many aspects of my career. In the classroom, the leader usually emerges from the group because they can’t take the wait time. “Oh, I’ll do it.” They might say just so the process gets moved along.

In professional planning communities, the leaders are usually the ones who aren’t afraid to speak up or might have a thicker skin for criticism. They may have a lust for power or the need for instant gratification or applause.

These authors suggest the first step is to separate pride and fear. Instead, to put humility and confidence in your leadership style. Further, to replace separation with community and self-acceptance and never to distort but to restore truth.

The journey of servant leadership starts in the Heart and works its way up to the Head.

The Servant Leader, in order to facilitate change, uses four directives:

1) Knowledge

2) Attitude

3) Behavior

4) Organizational Change

Let’s face it. People hate change. They want things to always be familiar. Fear drives many to react.

Servant Leaders : 1) Tell people what to expect.

2) Encourage sharing of ideas and encourage each other.

3) Don’t try and sell the changes too soon.

4) Set priorities and go for the long run.

5) Encourage creative problem solving.

6) Don’t label or pick on people.

7) Keep people focused and maintained on the journey.

Today, we are right in the middle of one of the most threatening and scary times of our lives.

We need leaders, whom we have elected, to serve us.

We need to be able to trust.

The world needs leaders who give us quality service by how connected they are spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Those who collaborate on answers that are pleasing to all.

There is no fear in love.

Keep on keeping on.

Thanks for listening.

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