Keep Moving and Make it Through

Just living a regular old boring life has taken on new meaning in 2020.

It has been a difficult year on many fronts.

We all know the villain that stole our freedom last January. We have been presented with disappointment after disappointment this year. Most are directly linked to something we can’t see, smell, taste, or touch.

This tiny virus is evil and it knows how to bring out the worst in all of us.

While we wish we could explain it away or match one good thing for every bad thing, it just isn’t possible.

A simple lunch or visit with family has taken on new threats to our very lives. The way we choose to live right now will dictate how life might move on in the next few months.

I believe 2020 was sent to us as a wakeup call. It is here to remind us that as bleak as things seem, we can get through them.

Today in America was the highest number of Covid19 cases and deaths in our country. The almost constant updates are that there are vaccines that have been clinically proven to work against this pandemic. They will come and we will hope that it is very soon. We will stay the course until that time comes.

All of us have had to change how we do things with our communities in a very basic and unfamiliar way. We can’t touch. We can’t take the risk to talk or walk without a mask. I can’t visit my mother in person at the facility she is in. My hope is that the vaccine, developed by our own Pfizer, will go to the vulnerable first and that maybe my mother can be freed from a rehab facility that has become more like a prison.

Schools are constantly morphing to do what is best for their communities. Teachers are the heroes here. Changing from face-to-face learning to virtual requires hours of prep. Yet, they are doing it. Grandparents and family members are called to duty to be part of the charge of educating the kids.

I see so many people being kinder and more caring in the face of what is happening. Somehow we will need to trust our leaders again and ask that they bring data and science as weapons to combat the public health situation that is so out of control.

For public health workers, there is no other way to say that this has been the year from hell. We have all seen the movie about a contagion but to have it happen, and to be so unprepared for its intensity, has left many health care workers reeling. Take care of your people in this field in every community. I will bet they would much rather be heroes in other ways than this.

I long for the days when the media delivers fresh and happy news. I would even read a story about the Kardashians right now. This pandemic has been wearing on all of us. We have to take responsibility. We are the leaders and the truest controllers of our destinies. No president or elected official can save you if you don’t make the attempt to save yourself.

Once when I was having a swimming test I paused in the middle of my route in the deepest water. I began to panic. I could feel my body getting heavy. But something inside me told me to keep going. It said if you don’t keep moving, you will sink.

It whispered to me with encouragement that I could make it through to the end.

We are in control of our destinies. We are smart. We know what needs to be done to get through the madness of today. We all long for a much easier time and to be able to live the way we would like.

Don’t let up.

Make it through.

Thanks for listening.

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