It's All About the Morph

For many of us, these past few months have been an unexpected and abrupt end to life as usual.

Personally, the STAY HOME, STAY SAFE ORDINANCE in my State of Michigan has left me much more contemplative.

There are many times when I am fraught with anxiety. But I know it is the right thing to do and so I will maintain. Because I know people are struggling to stay alive with COVID.

This stuff is big.



It’s times like these that will separate the people whose level of empathy will lift them up.

It will separate the great from the mediocre.

Leaders are stepping up.

When we first heard this pandemic was going to mean lives lost, I was, in the beginning, thinking “how bad can this thing be?” like everyone else. I didn’t really expect us not to be able to take a pill, have a treatment, or use our super scientific knowledge to put the stop to this right away.

But as the days turn into weeks, I know the reality.

We are going to have to morph into our POWER RANGER modes to overcome this.

It is on the backs of the people to figure the way out of this.

There are many hopeful signs already.

Restaurants quickly changed the manner with which they deliver food. Take OUT will have better more refined meaning in the coming months.

Businesses that work with people in front of a group (schools, training, colleges) are distance teaching. Although not ideal, many new formats will be made to make this type of interaction safer down the road.

It is a time to take stock of how we can morph and manage our new reality.

For most of us, it presents a richer, more thoughtful, and more efficient way to manage our new reality. From how we interact with grandma and grandpa to how we clean our homes.

I see a very futuristic pattern emerging. In which all of us will be thinking outside this box we’ve lived in for so long.

I watch so many of you, thinking caps on, pumping out new and fresh ideas. Think tanks are on high alert as they must do what is best for all and try to keep safety high and loss of life and jobs to a minimum.

There are question marks everywhere.

What steps are you taking to find your power strength and morph into it?

It is possible for every single one of us who believes in the resilience of the human race?

Drop the things that make hatred, division, and counter any forward movement.

We ALL need to have a stake in moving ahead.

Thanks for listening.

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