Is this the winter of your discontent?

I was thinking today about contentment.

What does it really mean?

Is it an effort to calm an agitated brain that these political or pandemic days have filled with “what ifs” and “how comes’?

It seems as if we have drifted far away from being content. It is no longer a feeling we strive for because, let’s face it, who really feels it can be reached?

And I am not talking about being lazy or complacent.

It is the nonproductive ranting for the sake of expressing your discontent. Girl, please!

There are way more people that are worse off than you.

When we reach a certain personal goal, we just want more. Even though there are others still waiting in line. Literally millions of others.

The pandemic has taken our patience and replaced it with indignation.

Social media has fanned that flame.

We want, no demand, answers and action, yet when we get to the point where we see movement, it’s not fast enough, it’s not fair enough, it’s not right enough.

I have a friend who is one year under the cutoff for receiving a 1 b vaccine. Her husband has received his shot but she has to wait. I thought that must make her feel discontented but you know what she said? This is teaching me patience.

The real question is, when the world gets vaccinated, will we be content then? Will it be enough for us?

The likely answer is probably not.

There will always be someone getting something faster, or better, or shinier.

That’s life.

Be still.

As we sit and crow about our discontent, we don’t see people who have lived with inequities their whole lives. The ones that will never know the front of the line or the first choice, or even the fulfillment of expectations.

The ones who have to crawl out of the hole first just to get into the back of the line.

When did we become a society of “what about me?”

My dad used to say “Give them an inch and they want a mile.”

Contentment should be our goal.

To be okay with life right now.

To sit patiently when so much time has passed.

For me, it’s probably the hardest lesson ever. To learn in the stillness.

With gratitude for basic needs met, I must be content.

Thanks for listening.

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