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In times of trial, real leaders step up.

Lately, I have reached out to legislators in Michigan and having a real dialogue with them.

And it is changing my mind, and giving me new respect for our state and its leadership.

First of all, I have a new respect for people in office.

Most Servant Leaders don’t run for office for the tireless complaints of Michiganders,

but truly have our best interests at heart during this pandemic.

Two weeks ago, I shared some information with Fred Upton.

Yes, he is a practicing Republican, but in my discussion with him, I realized that he has to listen to all the harping of people who were settling into their first Shelter at Home ruling.

It was colder then.

Kids were out of school for the first time. One by one businesses were put on hold. Netflix had just put on new shows to watch. It seemed like it was an easy fix.

Family time! Sleeping in! A vacation with paychecks still coming in.

It was all for one and one life saved for all!

Weeks have passed.

People aren’t feeling so much solidarity any more.

They are looking for a person to blame.

Not the virus, but the Law Makers.

As if these people have a magic wand to take away this virus germ and are making us all crazy with quarantining because they are just mean spirited.

Last night, I reached out to Aric Nesbitt. We have had many discussions over the past few years. He is always willing to address and answer my questions.

The impetus for me was to ask him why he had written a letter to the Governor

and put it on Facebook.

It addressed the many complaints he was receiving about people not being able to go to Big Box Garden Centers. You know, people who want to garden to “live” off the food.

The complaints are typical of folks cooped up for a time. No one had done any research to see if they could get plants and seeds elsewhere,

just the ugly complaints on feed after feed.

You know, I get it on being a shut in.

I know people have had enough of Netflix, eating whenever or whatever, not being able to see loved ones, not making a living.

We all want the ROUTINE back.

When I used to teach, I would always write the daily agenda on the board.

It was comforting for students to know this normalcy was going to happen.

It made them feel safe and not overwhelmed.

It is human nature.

It’s important to make an agenda.

In my back and forth with Rep. Nesbitt, I realized the incredible pressure these leaders are under. First, they must put the health and well-being of Michigan first. The balance of giving people things that they are able to control without sparking new outbreaks is incredibly tough. I get that.

Aric kept saying people needed to have buy in, or more people will get sick.

So which is it? Buy in or sickness?

I also understand the energy that homebound people are building up.

They want to bust out.

Our leaders have to figure out what activities may be relaxed without causing future flare ups.

NOT THE PEOPLE. I just read where they want to do a protest drive by on Lansing.

Have some patience.

Let them figure this out.

RISE Up Michigan.

We have a job to do.

For the good of you and every Michigander in our state.

I have seen posts that are blaming our Governor for being mean.

I don’t know about you, but I like someone who controls the rules of the State’s Health.

I don’t like staying home any more than the next person,

but Governor Whitmer has to think of every single one of us and our health.

What I learned from Aric Nesbitt yesterday,

was that there is no elected official that is sitting around twiddling their thumbs.

They are working as a team to take on tasks like getting more PPE and ventilators.

They are checking in on small businesses and unemployment. The whole world is soon to have a supply glitch as the virus moves into meat processing areas in the west. Keeping food supply moving without disruption is something being worked on as we speak.

This is a BIG deal. It is a HUGE deal.

Now is not the time to whine about putting your garden in.

Let’s get our priorities straight.



By Following RULES.

We may never see the normal you are seeking again.

Let's figure out how to live with that knowledge.

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