Forced Creativity

This staying at home stuff has had me be more creative than ever before.

I can say my pizzas rival anyone else’s for presentation, taste, and use of whatever is in my pantry. Thanks to Chopped and my audience of a little black dog name Lulu, I am the new star in my kitchen stadium. (also props to Iron Chef and British Baking Show.)

I have always been a DIY person.

I think it is important to learn new things every day.

Of course there have been snafus along the way.

Today I got out the hair shears for another go at my uneven and hilarious attempts at hair cutting. I remain true to Amy and will certainly be back there when this Covid goes away, but I am not vain or brave enough to take the chance on the beauty salon.

I have sent my inner circle hilarious pictures of my Dumb and Dumber Jeff Daniels cut, my blunt bangs, and a few excruciating shots of hair coloring and highlighting I have attempted on my own.

My mantra has always been “Hair will grow back.”

This morning, as I chopped away for just a little fixup, I found I am running out of hair to cut.

I have to physically remove the shears from my hand and walk away.

The beauty of it is no one will likely see it this way and I really don’t give a care if they do.

If this pandemic has taught me anything, it is that life is not about looks or what you have.

It is about sacrifice.

Doing things to keep other people safe and giving up some of your own selfish pursuits for a little while.

At least that’s how I see it.

Believe me, I need my hair stylist and I will be first in line when I can’t pass a sickness on to her.

But for the amount of time I will need to sit in her chair, she’d better carve out a day or two...and that's a lot of breathing. Plus I have to fill her in on the last year of my life. But that probably won't take long, now that I think of it.

I will return when it is safe for her first, then me.

Also, I realize that God didn’t give me ears to hear. He gave me ears to hold those too short strands of hair for a while until they can grow back.

Keep your eye of the prize…taking care of each other until the end of the battle.

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