Buckle Up, America

Updated: May 29, 2020

Well, it has finally happened.

I cut my own hair.

And the result is not on a par with any stylist.

But, the act of neatening up the bangs was something I needed to have a little control over.

My friend and I were talking, once, that if we were ever on Survivor, what would we bring or do that we couldn’t live without?

She said she would have to have tweezers to take care of any chin hair growth. My thoughts were mostly on vain things too, like hair dye and some decent styling instructions.

I laugh at that now, as we face yet another week of stay at home orders.

How perfectly selfish our musings were.

Everyone wants to have some idea of what the future holds.

What will you be able to do if you are a teacher?

Will schools be open? Will there be on line learning to start?

What about the economy?

How will this country come out of this blow to our incomes?

I listened to the radio yesterday. There was a speech from long ago with FDR talking about the NEW DEAL program. It was designed to get people to work on things the country needed fixing. It wasn’t without its flaws, but what struck me the most was the way FDR spoke with such command and aplomb. He wasn’t inciting, egging on, or holding a rally (even though he was but a candidate).

And you know what?

I want that.

I yearn for that leader.

In this time when everything is so out of control, I want someone in the driver’s seat that says “Buckle Up. I’ve got this.”

Where is the leadership?

Every single leader in our nation seems to be in crisis. Is this on them or on us?

Or is it that no one is listening?

Have we made up our own rules for so long, we just don’t know how to follow any?

I want rights. I want human rights.


When did we forget that America is the home of the BRAVE and the Land of the FREE for all Americans?

But geez, every country needs rules.

Correct me, if I am wrong.

Let’s honor who we are and how we got there.

Thanks for listening.

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