Kobe. The Legacy.

Kobe Bryant’s death sent a shock wave through the world yesterday.

I really don’t follow professional basketball very well, but I do look at the leaders with scrutiny. After all, when the eyes of the entire world are on you in a professional and public light, you have an obligation to behave and model leadership.

I knew who Kobe Bryant was.

I know who LeBron is.

I have had many years to watch Michael Jordan and Magic.

I think there are so many tough factors when you look at someone taken so young.

First of all, he was being a dad.

On a normal Sunday.

Just going to practice.

It normalized him into you and me.

The regular Joe’s who might not have taken a helicopter to get there, but would wait and watch your child’s progress at practice.

Every parent has done it in some capacity.

That’s who the world lost yesterday.

A husband.

A dad.

Someone who was living as the leader of his family.

Someone who loved his wife.

Someone who played out his aggression on a basketball court.

Someone who had grown up into a kinder and gentler man from when he first began playing at eighteen and came full circle to retire..

One of the good guys.

Is the Universe trying to tell me something?

I ask myself.

Do we all need to reflect on a page of Kobe Bryant’s life to understand what our main goals in life should be?

Love of family?

Protection and Leadership of family?

Focus not on myself, but on my family and friends?

It sure made me sit up and reflect on my own mortality.

Yes, there is a bigger picture beyond Washington and politics and banter and collision of ideas. Of the blatant corruption that we have watched for weeks. The Swamp.

That isn’t leadership.

It is missing something important to our country.

It is love.

This reminder, so intense it hurts my stomach, is that I have so much more to live and be thankful for.

We are so much better than what we have become.

Modeling the behavior of a GREAT.

That’s what I intend to do.

Lead with intention.

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