Why should I listen to adults?

I was a child when I saw the first Breaking News Bulletin interrupt Captain Kangeroo.

I remember it as being frightening.

Whatever could have happened to make my stomach clutch and try and find cover?

You see, back in my childhood, presidents and minority leaders were being murdered in broad daylight. The drills we practiced were created for air raid bombings, not active shooters.

Television was meant to entertain and not frighten.

There were certainly lines of prejudice and political campaigns seemed more like friendly intermural games, in which you accepted the outcome, even if it was not your own.

The problem arises when things DO NOT move forward.

Today there are at least 3-5 Special Report interruptions on the major tv channels.

In them, people are saying the president lies. Others are delivering zingers. Impeachment is monitored live.

The bulletins show fired up adults screaming at each other in a courtroom. Many, many yellers and the commonality…they are adults.

The behavior is more like preschool.

Moving out of the Viet Nam era, young folks sang songs of peace. Hippies and Yippies spoke about loving one another. Sure there were sensational incidents like the Chicago 7, SDS and the Patty Hearst Kidnapping. I remember driving through Columbus, Ohio where National Guard members were on every street corner to keep racial unrest at bay. There was no love being demonstrated by adults.

The young people were rising up against a bureaucracy that would not listen to them as they were being sent to war.

I was a nervous wreck.

This was my childhood.

But today, there is daily anger from our elected politicians –TOP DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT.


Is this a sign of our country moving forward for its young future?

It is not.

For a child, watching angry adults openly criticize with words that are meant to be hurtful, watching their parents have a screaming fit with the tv or their cell phones, for Americans to lump people into 2 categories where one is considered to be soley correct; without even learning the value of negotiation, mediation, or disagreement in a respectful way. Well, folks. This is where we are today. And it seems to be the norm of most of the USA.

You know, kids are like sponges. You may not think they see you, but they do.

They see that mocking and screaming at others is now a daily spectacle on the television, and it seems okay.

Ask any teacher who is trying to instill proper human behavior to his/her students, and you will get the real picture. Kids screaming in disrespectful tones at their teachers, parents backing the kids before even hearing what happened in the incident. Ready to fight. DUKES UP.

The Excuse: I saw it on television and they didn’t get in trouble for it.

It has become the new normal.

The biggest problem I see in this political forum is the damage it is doing to the children.


I don’t really give a flying fig what your lean is.

Your obligation should be not just policy, political, or partisan.

Your OBLIGATION is to take care of your American future.

Get a GRIP.

Thanks for listening.

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