Thank You Giving

It feels good to give.


It feels good not to expect anything in return for giving.

Today’s crop of young educators ARE givers.

Selfless servants.

If we focus in on what is most important and enduring for our future, we Americans, need to take notice of this.

Teacher shortage?

I am not sure there is a shortage of people who might want to teach, but careers that appear easier, grant more money for salaries, and don’t require work to go home (in fact, some work from home) are the appeal.

All is not lost.

What we have before us, in the teacher training field, are the shiners. The diamonds in the rough, if you will.

The givers.

Believe me, they have had people try to steer them away. Teachers I know, have told their children to not be teachers.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer explained it for our recent Be THAT Teacher workshop last Saturday, that being a teacher is a calling.

While I agree with the Governor, I believe it is something more. It is the selfless vocation that often leaves a person ecstatic, humbled, worn out, frustrated, without control, appreciated, and valued.

When I scroll through all the teacher accounts I follow on Instagram, you know what I see?

Smiling faces.

That’s right.

People who talk about their day, give advice, are willing to help a teacher without supplies, are HAPPY to do it. People who are willing to reach down and pull up a struggling colleague.


So, as you sit quietly and send your thank you’s out into the Universe this year, thank that teacher who is probably still at Parent Teacher Conferences or cleaning up their room to go home bone tired only to give one more day tomorrow.

I wish I could say all teachers were cut from the same cloth. They are not. Those who have given up or not given at all will be weeded out. Administrators too, if you watch the news.

But those teachers, in the classrooms (that are human petri dishes this time of year), deserve to be told thank you for taking care of my most precious gift, my child.

Those teachers are the tough as nails survivors that will endure….as long as they can make the rent.

Thank YOU for listening.


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