You can Catch more Flies with Honey

You can catch more flies with honey.

When I was a kid, I used to muse about what a waste this was to just catch flies. What about other stuff like bug spray or swatters?

Certainly no one wants flies around their honey…

Today, I watched my daily dose of morning news updates and clearly, whomever wrote this little saying was wise.

First, I was watching the newscaster explain about yet another planned walkout of teachers. The schools were planning, in advance, to have a day with no school. Parents who were interviewed at the school expressed frustration. Some of this was directed at teachers but most was directed at an overall public school system that won’t move forward for the majority of US students. When teachers have to fight for higher pay to not have to work 2 jobs or want lower class sizes, it is pretty much a no-brainer fix.

This news, this morning, was an example of nasty flies.

Flies that multiply and bother your work, your schedule, your children, and more. Although meant to get some movement in progressing from 1990 to 2019 pay scales, these flies speak of lack of funding, corroding schools, lack of teachers, and bus drivers and parapros. It looks like a path one would not enter without being properly prepared with RAID or bug spray, or flypaper.

It is harsh.

It is pushing away the really good teaching candidates who find it much more validating to switch over to the business setting.

They have heard the grumbling and seen the strikes and I can just hear them say: “Oh hell no”.

Close to the end of the broadcast, is a 2 minute piece on a 2nd grade teacher from Pennsylvania.

She has taken a favorite song, changed the lyrics of the song to fit into a second grader’s wheelhouse, and even added some claps and dance moves. Her entire class is smiling and singing and dancing. She does this on a daily basis.


Whether we want to bash education, proclaim the teachers ineffective based on testing and testing and testing, I can guarantee that those second graders will remember the song, the moves and the connection they have with this teacher.

You see, kids learn from experiences.

They learn from wonder.

They learn from figuring things out.

Sometimes they manage to do well on a test, but come on.

If those second graders started their day with a worksheet for seatwork, will it even make an imprint?

Connectedness is what makes this teaching career path desirable. Students, difficult or not, respond to teachers who like them. (Or are connected).

Ask any teacher who has made it over the hump of the first five years in a classroom and they will all have honey stories.

Sure, there will be flies too, but the honey stories will win.

They will smile as they recall them.

If all we talk about is how difficult this job is. If we are constantly complaining that we wish we were somewhere else doing something else. If teaching is not lightened up with a push back by the honey seekers in the trenches every day,

it will not move forward.

So, do you think that dance and song singing teacher was required by a standard to come up with that song and its lyrics that have been shared thousands of times on Instagram?

Doubt it.

In fact, I think she was just setting out the honey so those sweet little baby flies would follow her right to the pot.

Go ahead.

Put out the honey.

Thanks for listening.

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