Somebody's Watching You

Someone is watching you.

Ever had that feeling?

You look around, right and left, up and down. With no results...still that feeling.

Teachers of all ages need to be aware. You will be watched and surveilled undercover.

Before you start learning spy moves to shake your tail (see what I did there?) let me explain.

Students of all ages are the perfect undercover eyes. They will watch what a teacher wears, how they put an outfit together, whether they tend to be a slob, or worse.

I recall a time when I had a group in a circle and a girl said to me during transition:

“Do you know you have one brown shoe on one foot and one black shoe on the other?”

I laughed it off as I had the same style shoe but hadn’t really checked with the light on in my closet. I really liked those shoes.

But how is it, one child, watched and scrutinized me down to my shoes?

And their memories!

While teaching middle school, two girls came up to me and told me how much they liked my sweater. They also reminded me that I had worn it last Tuesday with different color pants….

If you want to have a handle on your classroom behavior, begin with how you dress.

You are the leader.

You don’t need to dress like a frump, but when you dress professionally, I believe, you are taken more seriously. Trying to wear what your students do may work on casual Fridays, but be the leader and dress like it.

Not Sunday-go-to-meeting clothes, but maybe first date clothes, or applying for a loan clothes.

Would you wear a hoodie or a worn t shirt to the bank?

I think not.

I am reminded of a staff meeting. Our principal was talking about teacher dress code. She said: ”You aren’t going to the bar, so don’t dress like it.”

It kills me that she would ever have to say that to her staff. But one teacher, in particular, would not accept the advice. She was written up repeatedly for her low cut tops, ripped pants, over the knee boots, and short skirts. She was not a millennial. Just don’t do it. Not only is the boss on your back, the parents are too.

So folks, there is no university class that explains the nuances of student interaction.

Take this advice to heart.

Don’t spend a ton of money.

Get a top and bottom that are mix and match and wear them.

Interchange them.

Some days you can actually feel a “Pick ME UP” by what you are wearing.

It is part of your super power.

I always tell teachers-to-be to make sure they are clean and dressed neatly.

Some schools make it easy and have shirts available with the school’s logo.

That is ideal.

Just doing some thinking ahead for the inevitable question: “What should I wear?”

Thanks for listening.

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