Disconnect for Better Connection


This is essential to living a good life.

Then again, so is solitary time.

How to balance?

A very thoughtful man I know told me that there would be times that I would crave some alone time and there will be time when I will not.

So much can be accomplished by a quiet sit. Before your day begins is the best time to give yourself an uninterrupted ten minutes.

Don’t give me that “I haven’t got any time” excuse. Trust me. Getting up ten minutes earlier or shifting some prep to the evening so to easily open up this span of time the next day is important.

What to do?

This is going to sound lame. Get your coffee, tea, or morning drink. Sit in your comfortable chair. You can look out the window, but don’t let your focus be on anything in particular. Notice what is sifting through your brain.

Do not direct it. Let it happen.

There will be revelations. There will be answers to problems you have been pushing aside. There will be a quiet serenity that will help you begin your day with a tranquil, less frenzied way.

Recognize what you are hiding with your busyness. Is it a diversion that is used in an all-important way?

“I haven’t got time for this” cannot be an excuse. It is just as important to sit with yourself as it is to be in a crowd of friends or work out your physical body at the gym.

The difference?

You don’t have to worry about taking a selfie or posting your disconnection with the world on social media.

You don’t have to worry about being on time.

If done correctly, you will gain a dimension of yourself you never allowed to emerge.

Why do you think the study of brain chemistry and meditation is so valuable today?

People are realizing how important it is to unplug.

Try it for a week.

Gradually work it into your morning ritual.

You will find your brain is giving you messages that you can’t hear with all the noise around you.

Stop for a minute.

Thanks for listening.

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