Wormy Days

Today is a wormy sort of day.

At least that is what I would have discussed with my students when they arrived in the morning.

Wormy days are wet, filled with periods of rain, and ultimately provide no chance for the kids to go out for recess.

A teacher’s nightmare.

In my school, indoor recess means the students would bring rainy day coloring, math problems, board games, or cards to the lunchroom where the frazzled Para pros would keep a lid on the chaos.

The kids would return much the same way they left: Needing to unfidget.

In the Elementary setting, this type of day requires some careful alternative planning. Kids need to move.

  • A quick search in google provides many videos that can be bookmarked for use during these wormy days.

  • The Physical Education teacher may have some spare time out of the gym, and you may take your class down to play some running games during this teacher’s break.

It helps to put movement in your rainy day arsenal.

  • Middle and High school students may want to try This is a mindfulness series that follows the commands of a relatable leader that is cool. Many different downloads are offered.

I love to try yoga moves with the older kids, prefacing the movement by explaining it requires maximum strength and control.

  • Tai Chi Videos are great for older students. I actually made this into a lesson where we studied the Chinese energy sources and opened the CHI acceptance in the way we sat or stood. Tai Chi, a series of controlled movements, requires concentration but allows students to do something physical on rainy days.

Wormy days present the perfect time to learn flexibility of scheduling and to do those things you always wanted to “try” with your students.

My only caution is to take your teacher break first.

Present an alternative to laying on the desk with movement breaks.

It doesn’t have to take that much time and can be done at a time where you may find a few extra minutes in your schedule.

Make wormy days times for better learning and teaching.

You will benefit from them.

Thanks for listening.

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