Sorry, I Don't Understand

What does your interview style say about you?

Today I was listening to NPR in my car.

If I am tired, I can’t do this. They are sort of like a soothing book on tape. I am lulled by their even toned, nonplussed way of communicating. At times, I crave the style. It gives me comfort. Other times….

Today, however, there was an interview was with a young adult.

How do I know?

The bio prior to her interview helped.

She was a newlywed who had hiked with her husband. I could have probably given you an accurate birth year plus or minus a year.Perhaps it was the way she answered her questions. “Yeah Well” to start each sentence.

The other flag was the inflection of her answers to be statements phrased like questions

.I guess I am old school when it comes to the interview.

I want to understand your language.

I want to hear what you are saying without catch phrases or slang or street words I don’t know.

For instance, if you ask me “Do you know what I’m saying?” I take that to mean there must be more to the story than what you just said…Or my feeble brain can’t pick up what you’re putting down.

Look, we all have speak we use around our friends. We tighten it up when we are with our grandparents or elders. If it is vernacular being used to land a job, I think it should be practiced and crystal clear.

Many would say that I am curbing authenticity if I ask for understandable commentary. Many would say that I should be the one brushing up on my slang speak.


Think about this: there are several people vying for the same job. You might be a wonderful candidate but if your interview words are misunderstood by a team listening very closely, you will lose the job

.How to improve?

Listen. Watch. Practice.?

Thanks for listening.

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