Teaching in the NOW

Living in the NOW.

Seems like psycho-babble, no?

What if no one knew anything about you?

Your past was just that. PASSED?

No laurels to rest upon, no “connections” to brag about.

What if all you brought to the table was YOU?

What would be your strengths?

If no one knew you or your work, what could you honestly say about yourself?

School districts have been interviewing all summer. They hope to fill positions with qualified people, yes.

More importantly, they want teachers who will live in the NOW; those people who will collaborate with colleagues in the best interest of students.

These people do not swagger around saying “..been there, done that” but are individuals who, whatever their year on the longevity scale, are willing to learn new things and share them.

Living in the NOW can be a testament to one’s day-to-day sustainability in the classroom.

The quality of teaching is heightened, as if it were something new to discover with the students.

A teacher who is engaged on this level will definitely resonate with students of all levels.

Imagine the marginalized student getting a leg up, the gifted student taking unexplored paths, and the forgotten middle or average student, being acknowledged for contributions.

That’s the teachers we want to see in classrooms.

Teaching in the NOW means staying connected to students who are in the hunt for the end game.

It is placing those magic nuggets in front of each one, and allowing them to own that knowledge. It can really be exciting to watch this process unfold. But teachers like this create the rules, plan the strategy, and execute the plays.

It can be exhausting.

Living in the NOW, allows teachers to put effort in each day as if it is new. From my standpoint, this is when the real learning can take place.

We have fantastic educators in Michigan.

But let’s not let their laurels tell you what they can do. Let’s let their actions in student engagement drive the curriculum.

I know many of you are already in those classrooms prepping for the new year. . Hot and humidity be damned. That is living in the NOW.

Be THAT teacher.

Thanks for listening.


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