What if life were predictable?

What if life were predictable?

What if every time you planned something, it came out exactly that way?

I am sure it would be nice to assume control over what happens in your life.

But would you want that,, really?

Sounds downright boring.

Kind of like a rut.

Teaching can get that way sometimes.

Think of all the great discoveries in science that were results of predictable experiments gone awry.

In trying to find a replacement resin for shellac, plastic was discovered. Saccharin, a sweetener, is a derivative of coal tar. The microwave oven discovered from work on a radar machine. The Xray, Vulcanized Rubber, Vaseline, Pacemakers, Matches, Velcro and yes Viagra.

Sometimes the unpredictability of life is enough to make one hide in the corner. Who wants the pain?

Yet, the incongruity of the uncontrollable can occur at any moment.

Styles of living can be forever changed.

The events become markers for significant times in your life…before the…after the…

Tragedies occur all the time.

If they don’t happen directly to us, we are relieved. We seek to learn how to feel from those going through the hard time.

The thing is, to welcome the unexpected event, is to really live life. The good and the bad.

It is important, however, to step back and logically look at what has transpired when unexpected things pop up.

Winning the lottery. Moving. Falling in love. Going bankrupt. A medical emergency.

You learn to adapt.

It may take a while.

But in the end, the way you choose to navigate your everyday, including the unpredictable, will make you wiser.

Thanks for listening.

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