Empath Training 101

“Oh you are such an “empath.” my friend said to me over coffee.

Well, I had to look that word up.

It says that empaths feel and deeply understand other people’s feelings.

Hmm. Aren’t all humans empaths?

I thought so until I got a ROBO call the other day.

I knew the Social Security Administration would:

A. Not call me on the phone B. Not speak with an accent of a foreign land (sorry but it most certainly was a second language C. Would not swear at me when I said I doubted they were from the SSA.

The worst thing was that this dude called back after I hung up on him. He knew my name from my voicemail: …”Lisa,you ******* ****, I will **** your daughter and then I will **** you.”

I was taken aback. My face got hot. I felt a little sick. Then I got ANGRY.

Who does this to someone?

I was certainly not an empath when it came to this guy. I wanted to see him caught and brought to justice. This person had no idea who I was nor did he care. I started thinking about the lives of these people and how they think.

How does this happen to people?

What made him this way?

BAD Karma is meant for people like you.

But, it makes me think about the good guys too.

My world of connections has been rocked by some tragedies this week. People were taken too soon with no meaningful explanation. I grieve along with the mother I have grown to admire, in the loss of her son, with the family who lost their mom who battled for years the disease that eventually took her from them, a lifelong friend gone to soon and I say: “Why them?” They did good things for people.

I guess a non-empath would say "that’s the way of life." They would minimize it somehow.

But I can’t and I hope you don’t.

If you have never experienced or moved forward from a setback, a loss, or a rejection then you have never really lived. It is so painful that it changes us.

But here’s what happens to the ones who didn’t move forward, they pass their bad feelings onto someone else. Not the right kind of Pay It Forward.

They become selfish and dominating; satisfying their inadequacies by hurting others. It doesn’t seem to matter to them what the other person is feeling.

To be honest, I think we all have had times of not being our best that we would like to forget.

It is from those moments, we should learn how we never want to be again.

It should be the force that pushes us into the EMPATH Zone.

From today forward, make a pact with yourself to love deeply, to consider feelings, to hold someone else up in their darkest times. Understand the limits of your time and use it to be your best.

I am no Polly Anna. I just know treating other people the way I want to be treated feels so much better.

Thanks for listening.

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