Puppy Schooled: Learning Life Skills

So, recently, we decided we wanted to fill the painful void left when Mojo became ill and was taken from us so abruptly. He had been with me a long time and since I had had him from his puppy stage, I felt that perhaps that was the way to go when thinking about a new dog.

I didn’t expect to be a dog owner again for a while, but FATE is FATE and now I have Lulu Mae. She is a sweet 15 week old puppy.After all, who can deny the sweetness of a puppy face, the frequent kisses, or undeniable attachment bonding?

Did I say it was well over 10 years that my first dog came home to me as a puppy?

The situation I am facing, I am calling not PUPPY SCHOOL but “being schooled by a puppy."

First, I am being reminded of the value of PATIENCE. When you take a puppy out over 12 times in an hour so they can eat leaves, chew on foreign objects, and ignore your pleas of “Feel like a tinkle?” you are in moments of deep instruction.

Second is the loss of any of your personal ROUTINE, as to establish the puppy routine. Putting your dog in the crate for a while seems to be what everyone says to do, but my puppy is screeching and crying when I put her in just so I can take a shower. She has toys, she has treats and sometime meditative music. I wish I had that crate escape. Just don’t judge me if I look a bit bedraggled.

Third, DILIGENCE. It’s raining. She needs to go out. Which means you need to go with her because she is small enough to fit through the bars in the fence. Your favorite Netflix is on, thank goodness for that pause button… You can’t let her get in the habit of going in the house.

Fourth, RESPONSIBILITY. You have convinced the Rescue Folks that you can give this rescued puppy a good and loving home. There have to be considerations made when you might have a Cubs game to attend or go out of town for the weekend. You find great places and caring people, but she still screeches and yips when you are separated. The vet said she was “super sensitive.”

Finally, STRESS. Not all the time stress, but new baby stress. It takes me back in time when my girls were infants and couldn’t tell me what they needed or how they hurt. On Easter, while enjoying a family outing and meeting and socializing with Cousin Brannie, the pup picked up something like the tiniest piece of paper. She choked, vomited, choked….and finally appeared a bit better but her tummy was a little stressed out. It was a big day and we were introduced to the Cork St. Animal Hospital to make sure she was okay. The stress can also be translated to the pocketbook as well

.With all this said, I would never have changed the fact that a Rescue Dog is the best animal to have. They have probably seen things that I wish they hadn’t and maybe some of their issues are a result of not being connected with a loving owner.

So, as Lulu Mae continues to school Al and me about the needs of being a puppy owner, I know that this time is short lived, It is a worthy education for folks that have never had anyone but themselves to look after. To rescue an animal really makes one aware of life skills learned through being selfless, and to get out of the egocentric zone. This giving seems overwhelming right now, but is going to pay me back tenfold as the days blend into years.,

I know.

My dog Mojo taught me the first time. Thanks for listening.

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