Congratulations Alex on WMU Rising Star

I held the first Be That Teacher with Palanca Leadership for Delta Kappa Gamma at Van Buren Youth Camp a year ago.

Little did I know, it would launch me toward a more focused vision for early career educators, but the real value was in meeting and collaborating with Western Michigan University Education students.

One in particular, Alex Bohr.

You see, I am sure Alex was just after free stuff that first day at VBYC, but he is the prime example that seeds bear fruit where planted.

When we talked in the summer, Alex and I had a shared vision to bring BTT to WMU for the students to be enriched on campus.

Not only did he do the leg work in getting us into meetings, facilitating the discussion with the Student Activities Board, but as the president of the WMU Student Education Association, Alex saw what could be helpful to not only himself, but to other Education students at WMU and surrounding colleges in Michigan.

On Friday, Alex Bohr is being recognized for his hard work. He is receiving the Rising Star award for his contributions and tireless support of his chosen field.

I am so proud to work with him in his collaborations and know that he is one student who really deserves to be given awards.

Thank you Western Michigan University and all those who have recognized what commitment looks like.

Great Job, Alex. So Proud of you!

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