Connectedness or Connections

I’ve got connections.

This used to be what a person would strive for in those old days of business building.

But today it is a different scenario.

We need to build connectedness.

This would mean something totally different.

Having connectedness means you have shared a give and take with a person. not just tapped an opportunity.

In our world today, connectedness is sought after in social media, through face time and snapchat, but it that is not being connected.

Yesterday I met with a friend who runs a business.

While our connection was social, there was a give and take of ideas that allowed for us to be more appreciative of just having the other in our circle.. It was a shared benefit. and is crucial to our survival as servant leaders and to cooperative team work within a group.

How do you view those around you?

Do you value what they have to say or are you plotting what the connection will do for you?

Today, take a minute and count how many interactions you can have within your day that will give you connectedness instead of connection..

Grocery store? Gym? Hallways? Lunch Room?

There are a few things I think you will notice: specifically: you are more positive, you feel loved, you want to go the extra mile for a person….

I began my nonprofit after leaving the classroom.

I had no idea what or how to do it.

My connectedness with people from my past made it so much easier.

And the connections I thought I had with some family and friends fell away. I had nothing to give them.

As you move through your day, think about what makes life better for you.

How does connectedness make you feel?

I hope you will be pleasantly surprised.

Thanks for listening.

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