Define Adversity

Human adversity.

What does it look like in your personal world?

Sometimes one has but to watch the news to understand what is “small stuff” and what is actual adversity.

And yet, we often fall into the pity party pit.

Someone has posted a success story on social media. Pictures of the beautiful and skinny. Heads back in laughter, they seem to have it all. Nice family. Scads of dough. Prestige. Power. And it makes us want to get out a gallon of ice cream and just start eating it right out of the container.

We wallow.

As we take a deeper look, we might see that, for some, it is their lineage privilege. The privilege of a life of too much. We emulate them, want to move up to that level.

We want to ask the waitress to :”Give me some of what they are having:”

But for most of us, being successful is keeping one’s head down and continuing to get up and hit the bricks every day. Hard work. Goals in mind, we navigate through the tough waters of our lives.

We might look at others for their unfortunate lack of privilege, and say a secret thank you that it is not us, but we don’t dwell on what we don’t have. We just want more.

This morning, I was going to write a blog about adversity as it pertains to high school and college students. I was going to relay stories about my own experiences with adversity and how I lifted myself out of a hole so deep, I thought I might not ever be able to breathe again. I was going to talk about perseverance and all the encouraging words that go with it….I was …..until I saw a quick clip of the news

.A family, perhaps 4 or 5 of them, were moving back to where their homes had been before ISIS had taken their land. They were sitting around a hole in the ground. Literally. Just a hole. It looked cold. They looked worn out and hungry and I thought (actually my gut thought) Oh my dear Lord, how can there be adversity like that out there in our world in 2019?

Yet, from the beginning of time, wars, tyrants, opportunists, manipulators, and influencers have ruined the chances of millions of people to rise about their adversity and succeed. This is the human condition.

Sometimes there aren’t choices in to have or have not.

So what grabbed headlines this morning?

A billionaire and a tabloid. Fact checks on tweets.. An actor’s obituary. In that order.

I don’t know about you but it makes me ashamed. It makes people seem shallow. It makes me wonder if it can ever be turned around.

That Golden RULE thing? It is just not happening enough.

.Adversity is defined as difficulties; misfortune.

So for all of you, wishing you had something more, were something more.

Stop right now and look in the mirror.

Can you remember the last time you were thankful for a warm meal, a place to live, shelter from the cold, or clothes on your back?

Yeah. Me neither.

Before you start looking at your social media to define success, begin by counting your blessings. Thanks for listening.

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