Hunker Down Activities p. 1

Fun things to do on this snow day inside

Kitchen Stuff:

-Use fraction measuring cups and try to decide if how to cut the recipes in half or make double. Can make a mean dinner this way.

Have kids decide from a cook book recipe what they would like to make from scratch.

Responsible for prep, measure, clean up.

-Give your kids a course in SIMPLE COOKING 101. How to make the go to things for meals: Garlic toast, baked potatoes, the perfect hard boiled egg. Have them write down a meal plan and, if you are brave, oversee them making dinner.

-For teens: CHOPPED SNOWDAY Give your players the exact same ingredients to make an appetizer, main dish, dessert. Give ample time to do this, but offer suggestions if help is needed.

-Bread Making: Kneading and punching dough and allowing to rise will give all kids a chance to have something to do with finished product.

Simple Skills to teach: DO Laundry, Clean bathroom, resign their bedroom.


3 Ways to Make Paper Beads

Finger Paint:

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