Hunker Down Activities 2

Get on the Creativity Wagon:

Put a bunch of silly props you have around the house into paper bags. Give each person a bag and tell them that together they must create a play to perform.



YouTube: Exercise workouts with kids

Quiet time Writing:

~write a letter to grandparents. Address the envelope properly.

~Keep a weather journal of conditions and temps.

~Add a story: Each person begins a story, after 10 minutes, pass the story to the next story. Continue on until everyone has had a chance to write on some else's story. Read aloud. Hilarious.

~Make popcorn and string it for the birds

~Tell or write stories (get a fire going in the fireplace). Marshmallows or hot chocolate time.

Quiet time Reading:

~Have everyone read a story aloud.

~Read without electronics (computers, phones, tv)

Make videos on iphones that have a decent plot. Talk about beginning middle and end of story.

Make Board Games out of cardboard.

Allow time to build and then play the board games that are made.

Teach some card games:


Find a documentary that you feel might be something informative and worthy for viewing.

In all of this frigid weather, keep the peace. The name of the game of creativity and sanity.

Stay safe and thanks for listening.


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