When Thank You isn't enough

I had a blog all written for today.

I scrapped it.

Before I could post it,I got a phone call from a person I knew from long ago.

He is giving, freely, his time and effort to help me, help early career teachers. His gifts are mindboggling and I am in awe of his willingness to see my projects through.

Boy, talk about thankful?

It got me to thinking beyond my family circle to who really keeps my boat afloat.


This makes for a powerful reaction.

As I am wiping away the tears, I think back to last week.

We had 12 people collaborating on our Be That Teacher Workshop with WMU. Some were speakers, some worked behind the scenes, some were students, and some were community members. Each of our speakers shared a common thread of wisdom with the students who are “teachers to be”.

It was to :

Make Connections

Now, I didn’t realize how things would align for me when this nonprofit all began. I have changed curriculum many times, all the while shaping, with people being and doing their personal best, being my goal. It is an effort to stay current and relevant.

I have to say that I am being led, with every door that opens, every person that says “yes”, by a force I know is greater than me.

Those chance meetings maybe back at VBYC when I was young, or with students I met back when I was at WMU, or with the Community in which I lived and raised my children, soccer moms, colleagues, administrators, teachers who taught me, childhood friends, parents of students I taught, and yes, especially the students themselves, have all become a network that is vast and deep.

This is what making connections means.

I am overwhelmed.

People, inherently, are givers. It feels good to give.

So, this Thanksgiving, I am going to work on my thankfulness. I am going to work on accepting these gifts and paying them forward.


Not money so much, but with selfless goodwill. Things I am learning from my network..

It is indescribable, really.

It is my wish, to all this Thanksgiving, that you have a chance to feel this kind of meaningful support, for which the words “Thank you” can never be enough.

Pass the turkey!

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