Always a Proud Bronco

My Bronco Pride is flying high today!

Although it is has been many years since I walked up East Hall hill, I have stayed in touch with Western through classes, tailgates, seminars, and its community involvement. Kalamazoo has only been lifted up by having a university of this caliber in its midst.

Saturday, I will be working with early career educators. Be That Teacher will be working under the support of Students….who want quality in their training. Alex Bohr, the president of WMU Student Education Association and I have been setting the email lines on fire.

We have collaborated, talked to Dr. Ming Li and Regena Nelson in WMU’s Education college, and will offer a 4 hour seminar filed with strategies for working with troubled children, entering the teaching career with confidence, creating a positive classroom atmosphere, and strategies for teaching that work.

It is an exciting undertaking and totally supported by the Dean of Education.

Imagine my surprise, this morning, as I open the HERALD PALLADIUM , and see that Dr. Li and Benton Harbor Superintendent, Robert Herrara have joined in a 5 year partnership to lift teachers up with supportive professional development with the hope of directly impacting students in this troubled school district.

Bravo Broncos!

I had the opportunity to work with the middle and high school students there a few summers ago. It was an experience I will never forget. It made me stronger and more understanding, as an educator, but it also made me understand that many troubled schools will have money thrown at them in stacks to make their schools better.

And it simply does not work.

The culture is what makes the school. Belief and ownership in the worth of who you are and who you serve.

It won’t happen overnight.

I am watching, with interest, as WMU navigates a program with Benton Harbor, that will get to the very crux of where rebuilding lies, infrastructure. I am referring to the quality of the educators, the ability of the schools to effectively spark the interest of the students, the positive empowerment of the community including the parents, and building on these successes.

I think it has possibilities and I wish them tremendous luck.

Dr. Li told me at our meeting: “Lisa. Great minds think alike.” I think he was referring to me…haha

I also think it is because we are Broncos. We are committed to creating success in and around our community. Another lesson learned from WMU….and I didn’t even have to pay tuition!

Thanks for listening.

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