A Small Drop of Water

Have you ever had that feeling that the deck is stacked against you?

Do you feel, in your heart, the unfairness of a situation, yet know you can do nothing to change it or make it better?

It chaps. It makes us bristle. We cry sometimes.

This may be true.

But little drops make a mighty ocean.

If you woke up today, in 2018, you have certainly fallen pawn to the political divisiveness of the United States.

What happens in Washington, does have an effect on all of us.

It can make us feel powerless and roils up in many people, the darkest, most awful feelings.

Like Little League parents we choose sides….and our side is always right.

Folks, we need perspective.

It’s time to be proactive with your own life.

Examine your day-to-day problems. In your personal world.

What things can you do, right now, to have you feeling a sense of accomplishment? What can you control?

I was traveling this weekend. In all airports, the news was sharing the political drama of a Supreme Court Justice nomination. Some people watched in wonder, others kept heads down hurrying to their next stop, still others glanced up from time to time.

What I realized is that this nation is comprised of many, many different types of people. They are not just Blue and Red. There are some that are multicolored, some that blend into a rainbow, some that bear absolutely no color, and some that choose to be invisible.

Understanding the ethos of a complete human being leads me to believe that we don’t see things in black and white. Sometimes, our feelings get caught up in things we cannot control. We take to social media, pounding ideas and viewpoints. I guess that gives some people the feeling that they are dominant or in control somehow


I would like to suggest that all of us take a break from being indignant and take control of our small drop of water.

To make your voice heard in the political world, vote instead of slobbering all over social media.


If your job is troubling you, seek informed innovative solutions.

Ask someone to join you in your quest, as two drops will become the spoonfuls that make gallons.

Let’s make positive changes for our world.

It is the right thing to do.

And when you see leaders or politicians taking your power away, remember, you are the ones that put them there.

Rise above the negativity and take control of your life….One drop of water at a time….

Do the right thing for all those that are watching you.

Thanks for listening.

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