Let's Build a Culture


Did you hear that?

It’s the rattling of skeletons in the closet.

Let’s face it, we are living in some very interesting times.

We are told black is white and no one is really 100% wrong. Something inside us has turned off the everyday noise of this continuous drone. We were aghast at first, now, meh, not so much.

The unbelievable has become the believable.

How many are hearing those dry bones rattle and hoping that closet door is securely closed?

Recently, I was working with a group trying to hire some leaders. We did background checks and read resumes. While things came back without incident, there was no measure of personal integrity we could check. We chose the ones who looked best on paper. We got a decent group of young leaders, we thought. Our job was to teach this group what true leaders do. It was an interesting couple of months.

Our job was simple : Model INTEGRITY.

Who thought you needed to show what good choices and decisions look like? And that consequences follow both decisions?

We brought in speakers, trainers, and experienced business people to talk about what this type of thing looked like. And while I applaud groups who are especially designed to build leaders (and there are many) let’s face it, there is no guarantee.

Years of schooling, pedigrees of wealth, training and rhetoric don’t always hit the mark. When there is a palpable struggle presented, that involves the choice between right and wrong, the outcome is a crap shoot. It is a gamble. It has made many a boss filled with anxiety and head shaking. Can they trust the right decision to be made?

Supporting young leaders to make good choices, is the mantra, in some form, of most organizations. The ownership cannot be taught.

Palanca Leadership has been watching and now we are turning to specifics. We can’t change what parents teach at home, but we can support teachers These adults who are with kids most of the time, have become our main focus..

Early career teachers are at risk. They must make choices, model choices, and intentionally drive behaviors. It is tough work and what we are finding is a shortage…no, an abyss! They are choosing to do other things rather than teach.


This lack of supply of teachers presents more than a personnel issue. It presents a humanity issue. The culture of these young minds is often molded by good teachers on a day to day basis. And it doesn’t end there, paraprofessionals and after school personnel positions are also not getting filled. The pay is awful and there are better options in a minimum wage job with benefits. The standards are being lowered for acceptable staff.

Parents! Let's lift up this group!

This is something to be pissed off about. These are your kids! This is the stink you want to create.

Where are good teachers?

Don’t blame your local district. Don’t blame the universities.

Start rallying for the BEST education by fighting to train the BEST teachers. By making the profession of educator one that is coveted and respected. One that you kids want to “play school” to do.

Start with demands that take these teachers away from teaching. Top Down. Learn all about the “extras” teachers are doing that take them out of the classroom or away from good quality planning. Check on funding for programs to enrich your children. It makes a difference when you are paying attention.

Support schools. Do it selfishly for the good of your kids.

Thanks for listening.

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