Millennial School for Baby Boomers?

I haven’t written in a while. If you’ve been following,

I apologize. I have bitten off a lot this summer and blogging is nearly impossible.

I have learned so much about 20 somethings in all this chaos. I have learned that they are compassionate, not afraid to stick up for their beliefs, love righting wrongs (even though it may be a right to someone else), and are generally willing to tackle anything you throw at them as long as they know what that is exactly.

I have also learned a lot about me. I am a Baby Boomer, not a Millennial. I was brought up to believe that I would have one lifelong job, one marriage, one steady income, benefits, and a house.

What my new friends have taught me is that even though we differ on what maturity and security is, we share a common human bond. To be loved and validated. It really is at the core of every human being and although we may shake our heads at technique or randomness or lack of forethought as Baby Boomers, we can’t fault the hearts of our younger counterparts.

I was fortunate enough to meet with some dorm mates I had while at college this weekend. Funny, goofy, crazy at times, we easily fell into the rhythm of our current life phase with each other. Parents in assisted living or the pain of the loss of loved ones prevailed. Our conversations, albeit supportive, could be viewed as real downers. Yes, it is our reality at the moment, but what I discovered is Baby Boomers could learn some refreshing lessons from the millennials.

1) Don’t plan so much. Give a little bit up to the unknown.

2) Face life’s unpredictability as a challenge and not a curse.

3) Understand that things are never always the same, and to live in “the gray” might be beneficial at times.

4) Learn non-narcotic ways to decompress. Mindfulness, Tai Chi, Mediation, and Yoga are not new. Experiment to enjoy.

5) Listen to each other. Don’t just talk to vent your problems. Really listen. Millennials are constantly a shoulder for their friends. Let them get a chance to air whatever is on their mind as well.

6) Finally, affirm your life on a daily basis. What is going well? What can I accomplish today? Where do I go for an “atta boy or atta girl”.

7) Life gives lemons all the time. Switch to apples when things get too tart.

As always, I am exponentially glad that I have a chance to work around and with cool and evolved minds, compassionate hearts, and really wonderful idea people.

We are all essentially made of the same fabric, the cut of our style is just different.

Thanks for listening.

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