You are Never Too Old to Learn

So, have you ever wondered why you are so outgoing?

Can you talk to strangers easily?

Does silence make you feel uncomfortable?

Recently I was among a group that was given a personality trait analysis from Midwest Consulting Group. Paul, the leader, was super effective in how he brought about our results from a recent questionnaire.

It was gratifying to note that, in general, many of the members of the group felt their “traits” were in full bloom. Even more interesting was the fact that all traits of humans are neither good nor bad. They are simply the way we are.

It is not rocket science, really.

A person’s traits are readily seen or brought about as they grow and develop. As one interacts with people, you find the deep thinkers who need quiet, the crowd seekers who are energized by being in the center, the organizers, the messy’s and so on.

We already know this within the first few interactions with people. What we probably do not know is how our traits will sync with those around us.

Working with groups often allows me to assess what kinds of traits I am working with. But after Paul’s talk yesterday, I realized the importance of how my traits are perceived by others and what I may do to allow that interaction to be positive.

You are never too old to learn something about yourself.

I believe that the most important lesson here is how you make people feel.

Sometimes that is an easy thing to do.

And sometimes, as hard as you try, you can’t force someone to like you right off the bat.

For a person like me, that is maddening.

And yesterday, I found out why.

People in my character trait category feel a tremendous need to affirm and be affirmed.

And when that doesn’t happen right away, we really have a hard time with it. It spins thoughts of failure and not being worthy. It makes one feel that more work needs to be done to be liked…almost to the point of exhaustion.

You are never too young to grow and learn.

As I worked alongside Van Buren Youth Camp staff this week, I found a tremendous feeling of growth. And it wasn’t just them that grew. I spent most of my morning reflecting on how this information can help me become a better listener, a more patient receiver, an observer, and generally, to be more perceptive to the needs of people around me.

You are really never too old.

Thanks for listening..

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