What your tribe says about you

I always thought I was lucky to have daughters.

They are an extension of my thoughts, hopes, and dreams. They have the same fears, humor (although they are so much funnier) and moral servitude. They like to shop for bargains and hold them high when they have scored something great.

What I do not have, that they possess, is the raw willingness to tackle the unknown. In many ways, I have learned from them.

Last weekend, the stars aligned and I was fortunate enough to be with them and two of their cousins (a small but powerful representation of a larger tribe) Although we sorely missed the rest, we held this time dear.

These kids were together at my sister Abby's house while I worked at school. They became like brothers and sisters . They have an easy way of interacting. It is a group that only sees each other maybe once a year these days.


We do our best to preserve what we have developed. It could stop there and you could all say “there she goes again…wonderful….”. But everyone has their demons. My sister and I have watched the ebb and flow as problems rock our kids. It takes courage only mothers can have.

So many times, in 4 days, we were stopped by folks that just wanted to say they loved that we were all together. We were friendly. It makes a difference in how you present yourself as a group. The thing is, they it came naturally. The laughing and happiness resonated to other people.

So why put this in a blog?

I think good moments should be feted. I think when you get people over 21 together for 4 days, things can go very wrong…and have…but not this time. It comes from practice and understanding. It comes from giving space when it is needed, and circling the wagons if things get out of hand. And as these young adults begin to think about what makes them complete, they look less and less to social media and more and more to the inside their hearts.

They learn not to compare. It doesn’t matter that much what people think of them as long as they have a handle of what their path should look like. And frankly, you are never quite all the way there.

Even as I work in a retired capacity, I find myself seeking my purpose. It has changed and is a little different, but the seed of who I am is still there. The ability to make adjustments is learned. I am lucky to have this as my world.

Curveballs are going to happen,, and have, but although we wobble, we stay on our feet.

With graduation and wedding season upon us, let’s review.

Is life still making us happy?

Is there a way to live in this moment and learn from it.

It’s Memorial Day for us in the North! After a long, long winter, THAT ROCKS!

What rocks for you?

Thanks for listening.

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