Trash Talk

Something happened yesterday and I have thought about it a lot today.

I was driving over an overpass in my hometown as a truck (not too clean and a little beat up) buzzed by me.

Out of their windows poured wrappers and bags from the fast food restaurant they had pulled away from.

Stuff like this makes my blood boil.

Trash cans are provided upon exiting that parking lot, yet these people show blatant disregard for everything around them.

It makes me wonder if everything we do to undo these behaviors will ever make a dent within a mindset deeply rooted in the “I could care less” mentality.

I see young people trying to make a difference all the time. It doesn’t take much to clean up after yourself. Yet, for every step we try and teach in the right direction, we get pushed back by the less civil.

Sometimes, it is exhausting.

As fighters for the good, I urge you not to give up. You will continually be judged and beat down for trying to do the right thing for all the people. It will happen often.

This type of disregard will happen all through your life. I always believed that people were inherently good, but examples in leadership may be the key to positive behaviors.

When you treat people like the trash you throw out the window, you become no better than this.

I thank every group that goes out to clean areas that have been trashed. The beaches, the roadways, and vistas would not be beautiful if we didn’t have hard working volunteers out there to make them so.

Treat yourself like you are worthy. Take a second to stop yourself before you say the trash words, do the garbage gestures, or stick it back to the people in authority.

There are lights amidst the chaos. Look for those.

Thanks for listening.

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