The First Sip of Coffee

One snowy Christmas morning, more than ten years ago, I was given the gift of life.

No, it wasn’t a transplant or anything like that. It was a Cuisinart Grind and Brew Coffeemaker.

I have always been a coffee drinker. Well, I think it started in college. We got those generic cans with the stenciled word: COFFEE on the side and at that time, it seemed to be enough. We drank it black and it was kind of cool to like this adult concoction.

As I matured and my taste for coffee began to refine, I began getting a fresh ground coffee daily from Full City Café when they first opened on Whites Road. It was an epiphany.

Where had this been all my life?

When it was discovered that quality coffee could be ground and brewed at home in my pjs, I was only too happy to save the money and make a new routine for myself. I could assimilate coffee shop coffee!. Apologies to Keith and Lisa….

There is nothing like that first sip of coffee in the morning. Do you agree?

The richness of good coffee resonates in your brain’s happy center. It gives you a welcome boost as you begin to plan your agenda for the day. Mostly, I feel, it is like an old friend, always there. A given. I can live without it if I must, but I don’t must.

To date, I have gone through 6 Cuisinart Grind and Brew Coffeemakers. I think I wore the first one out and received a new one from the company when I wrote them that it hadn’t lasted very long ( I guess I overused the grinder.) Each morning, these wonders give me a reason to live; a reason to finally roll out of bed…a companion for my morning reflection.

Living for the first taste of coffee seems weird.

I tell myself that every day. Am I an addict this way?

But as I watch the cream swirl to the dark gold of perfection, I am comforted that as much as things change, I would always have that first sip to comfort me.

Sometimes life is like coffee. It gives us unexpected bitterness. It is weak. It is strong. On really horrible days, it overflows and runs underneath the pot, or perhaps, water was not added. This type of unexpected disaster can cause undue anxiety and hand wringing. If the first sip of coffee comes too late, it may not provide the magic. There is a small window of time in the early morning as a rushed sip cannot be appreciated.

While I am certainly not telling you to become a coffee drinker, I am telling you that unforeseen things are going to happen. I used to sit on the wall of anxiety, waiting for all the shoes to drop. I thought if I expected the unexpected, I would never be blindsided.

What I found out is if you sit and wait for things to fail or go wrong, in one direction, it doesn’t stop things from going wrong in others. Stuff is going to happen.

What are your stabilizers?

I remember my dad telling me once, that living life is like watching the mile markers on the road, Sometimes you just have to concentrate on the constants in life to get you through the rough times.

Simple truth.

Like that first sip of morning coffee.

Thanks for listening.

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