Teachers here in Michigan are blessed with networks in which they can share ideas and strategies. There are a myriad of universities and colleges to assist when a new teacher needs credit hours or extra classes to fulfill the requirements levied by the State and Federal Governments.

But let’s face the facts. The job is grueling. There really is no other profession, I can think of, in which you must plan your bathroom breaks and hope your body cooperates, have sick days in place but do a whole day’s planning so a sub can come and hold your class where it is without sliding backward until you recover, feel guilty if you leave at the time you should, and always take work home at the end of the day.

Today’s teachers are toiling to force feed knowledge into little brains that may not be ready for it, but must be measured as if they understand. It could mean your job.

Today’s teachers must stand by and watch as children may or may not be bullied on the playground or outside the classroom, often at the expense of that duty free time and bathroom break.

Today’s teachers must plug into strategies that can calm a frenzied child, soothe the heartbroken, and even bring dry pants for discreet changes that some students may require.

This job has been overwhelming from the start and is often avoided as a go-to career choice for students in colleges around the United States. It used to be the fall back choice: “if I can’t do this, I can always teach..” but even this option is not happening. Statistics are backing this up.

The recent speculation of arming teachers has added to the stress.

Palanca Leadership, sponsored by Delta Kappa Gamma (an international society for professional women educators) and Van Buren Youth Camp is reaching out to new teachers that may be finding their chosen field to be way more than they bargained for.

These groups have created: Be That Teacher, a workshop that will be held all day on April 21, 2018.

This workshop will offer 6 SCHCE credits from VBISD and will offer sessions in:

Networking, Data Collection, Screens and Kids, Leadership Techniques, Group and Team building for teachers and students, Working as a connected family-student-teacher unit, The Troubled Child and insights into their guidance, and How to identify Human Trafficking at all levels.

This free workshop is being offered to men and women who are considering the teaching field or are in their first years (1-5) as certified teachers. We will be accepting teachers from Van Buren County first and will consider teachers from other places as the enrollment allows.

Please check with your principals. Information has been sent to all schools served by the VBISD.

Teacher mentors will be in abundance as you go through this workshop created just for you.

Please contact and we will send you a registration form.

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