Finding a Voice

Do you ever feel like our “millennials” aren’t getting a fair shake?

Are we looking at this age group as a whole or lumping them into a pocket that has been biased by our interactions with a few?

Dialing back the years, I try to objectively go through the memories in which I made rash choices or was indignant about something, or knowingly took risks regardless of the consequences.

It was a thrilling time in my life. Playing with fire, sort of. But not without its boundaries. Ideally, I wanted what every young person wants.

To be connected to the group

My number one desire, for me, was to fit in with a group of pals. To be able to sit and dish with a girlfriend, or have a nickname, or cause someone to smile when they saw me. It was the ultimate finish and yes, sometimes it was accomplished with undue risk. It is so simplistic and what every teen deserves and desires and it is the driving force behind actions that shout : Notice me! I am here! Please make me feel worthy!

It is almost embarrassing to remember the things I personally did to do that. To realistically remember, that is. Without the blurred edges that the passage of time allows. Things are never as real as we remember them to be.

This tragedy in Florida...a student crying out to be so driven by this inadequacy that he does the unthinkable. Without thought of consequence or repercussions, he committed murder. What a sad story. His life is wasted. Could it have been salvaged? Did he belong?

Watching the brave survivors of this Florida shooting, I can’t help but admire the teen spirit that FEELS and THINKS in such an impassioned manner. God bless every one of them. They are living through a very different and insecure time. They have learned early that tragic things happen and they are everywhere. They invite all teens to be part of the bigger picture. We are all in this, they seem to say.

These young adults are using their voices to speak out about what is wrong with this world. They are taking no prisoners and have even earned the ear of the White House.

Sadly, I am afraid, they will learn the road to their goal is fraught with red tape, other ideals, and differing factions that may just become too frustrating to handle.

As we said in the 70’s : “Keep on Keeping ON.”

Be those millennials that we look to as the example of giving a damn about life and all the good things that come with it. To be able to take a stand is the first step to being heard. There will be adversity. Be willing to stay firm in your conviction.

I am not pontificating on the political but on the purest and truest of feelings that, quite possibly, these young people have ever experienced.

And I am saying to them:

“Power to the People!” “Give Peace a Chance.” “I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will live as one.”

Bless the beasts and the children.

May all who have fallen at the hands of other humans be remembered and embraced.

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