Leave only footprints

Sometimes the simplest things can be inspirational.

If all you were to leave were footprints, what would they say about you?


They are our basis for transport. When we want to do well, we put our best foot forward. When we want responsibility, we stand on our own two feet. A fresh start is taking one step at a time. Small steps help us to focus and not be overwhelmed. We all have had that " foot in your mouth" moment.


It's an interesting subject, don't you think?

Light footsteps are barely discernible. Heavy ones show every part of the sole, Muddy footsteps make a mess of everything around them. Bloody footsteps can help solve a murder.

Sometimes our footsteps get obliterated by other people, Where once there is a path of individuality, it becomes blurred and overtaken by other sets of prints Yet, there are those footsteps that are easily walked in, so as to appear as one. Putting yourself in someone else's footsteps can be a great exercise in empathy. To feel the walker's step is to understand the weight they were carrying; the heaviness, or lightness of their hearts.

As leaders, what are the footsteps you will leave for those who follow you?

Thanks for listening.

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