Have you ever felt like you have a bullseye on your forehead?

The other day, I was sinking into the “why me” person. The weather was so terrible, my daughters were here in Michigan for the holidays, and I was sitting in my living room waiting for them to finish visiting with their friends.

Why me? Why not spend time with me?

I think we all do this at some point. The logical you tells you that it only makes sense for the young adults in your life to want to visit each other.

Being a mom is a constant. You will always be there for them, so, yeah, I guess you will shorted on a visit home. They are adults with adult lives that include a bunch of layers of friends and family. You will always be the rock as a parent. You will always catch the tired angst without saying a word. It is what parenting is. Your role is specific and to be taken for granted that you matter is a good thing.


It leads me to think about the young people out there that don’t have parents who care like this.

Talk about feeling like a target!

Recently I was working with a group of young adults. They all had been part of the foster system. Now, as young adults, they were beginning to navigate life on their own. But the target tends to follow those that have never felt good enough. One young man raised the question:

“Why am I even here?”

Can you even imagine asking this question?

Can you even imagine how it feels to not be wanted by the people who gave you life in the first place?

How would it feel if, when you put out the SOS, there was nobody answering it?

It sure puts my thinking in perspective.

How about you?

You know, all this gratitude stuff is not just mumbo jumbo. It is not something to put on social media, but to carry in your heart.

Shine your light for these young adults who need a beacon.

Thanks for listening.

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