One Touch

Have you ever wondered what has happened to the people who have come in and touched your life?

They often leave you better off.

My story begins as a young teacher. The staff of our school had some pretty great people, but one, in particular stands out for me. Her name was Kris and I admired everything about her. She was 7 years older than me, married with no kids, and one of those people who actually did the things you always dreamt of doing, but were too chicken to do.

Kris wore berets. She walked downtown Kalamazoo just to pick up the vibe. We would stop at Sarkozy’s and get fresh baked warm croissants and window shop. She would tell me of gatherings at a place she called the Commune.

Oh and she laughed. A lot. Her smiling face met me every day we drove to school together. She was 33. She had the world ahead and wanted to start a family.

So, it was such blow when we were called into the teacher lounge on a Friday after school to hear the news that Kris had died that morning. A seizure took her in the bathtub. She couldn’t get out of the water.

All these years later, I know that her existence on Earth was not for me. She had many who loved her.

But, she was placed in my life to guide me; to see things from a different point of view. To be more positive about life and to take risks when they were worth it.

To touch lives. To be an angel. To hold a hand. To sit quietly.

When you think about the lives you have touched, no matter how briefly, have you left a wonderful memory behind for someone to remember almost 40 years later?

I would like to propose making our goal this New Year. Leave people better than you found them. To all those hundreds of people who have come into my life, to touch it with a good energy, thank you. You are too numerous to mention.

Thanks for listening.

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