You are wearing that?

I am not sure how to say what I want, but here goes.

A few weeks ago, I attended a Big 10 football game. It was Homecoming and many students were out on the most beautiful fall day.

Lately, we have watched as more and more women are speaking out against sexual assault and harassment. It is wrong. No doubt about it.

But as I watched the coeds parade by that Homecoming day, I couldn’t help but notice the skimpy and suggestive clothing the girls were wearing. Many of them showed no modesty when it came to how tightly their leggings were showcasing all parts of their anatomy. There were ripped shirts exposing bra tops or less. It had not only men but women looking twice;

a study in inappropriate dress.

If we are assessed by what we wear, I believe that most of these young girls would be viewed as missing the fashion boat.


I guess what I am asking is:

-what do these young girls want?

-In what way do they want to others to react?

Shock? Awe?

Is it time to rethink “sex appeal”?

Why do we work so hard to be noticed? Is it social media? Television? Parenting fails?

Or can it be the basic fact that they feel they are not enough unless they do so? And believe me, no one is immune to this. Girls, large and small, seem to be pushing to the edge, every value or rule they ever learned. Do guys really prefer this dress? Should you care?

Don't look at me as your mother or grandmother. Let me be that little voice inside your head.

How do I feel with this on?


I hate reading about yet another man coming out of the woodwork with harassment charges.

School administrators. Teachers. Professionals. It isn’t just movie stars.

You better believe there was a collective intake of breath when the Hollywood news broke. Guys everywhere were holding their breath or wracking their brains..

Did I….? Could that have been misconstrued as…..?

We all have seen it, heard it, and yes, maybe even been party to it.

This is the wakeup call. Be the classy girl.

THINK MORE OF YOURSELF. You are better than this person you portray. You really are.

Thanks for listening.

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