Sticks and Stones

If ever we needed clarity about the 2 second rule on the impact of the spoken or written word, I believe today’s tweeting, facebook interactions, politics from the top down, prove there is a need for an overhaul.

I stand on record as believing that nonviolent protests are the single most impactful demonstrations when stressing a point.

What I would like is an assessment on what the word “Nonviolent” really means.

Do things have to be physical to be deemed as “crossing a line?”

Think about that for a few minutes.

When have you been hurt the worst?

Certainly if things have come to blows, the lid is off the tea kettle already. But I am talking about the build-up.

What about the smoldering time? The time when words are doing the most harm?

In a New York Times Article just this past July, Lisa Feldman Barrett pointed out: “Scientifically speaking…..Words can have a powerful effect on your nervous system. Certain types of adversity, even those involving no physical contact, can make you sick, alter your brain — even kill neurons — and shorten your life.

If I am to interpret this correctly, the words we use, the name calling, the bullying from all age groups, is doing more harm in the long term than a simple slap in the face. Furthermore, I don’t think many people are listening anymore. No one wants to take the time to hear your noise because they are prepping to counteract with noise of their own.

People! Take a couple seconds here!

Process before you speak, tweet, type, or let go on someone.

Words do irreparable harm. It feels, sometimes, like a tennis match. One for you then one for him. It is a slippery slope to keep sarcasm and humor separated. Harder still to hear it directed at you.

Take it from me, the Queen of Sass.

Know when something is hurtful and wait a full minute, before deciding to post.

Let’s start a protest not to react to stupidity. Rise above the urge. Peaceful should be just that…peaceful. Thanks for listening.

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