I figured out a life lesson recently.

Being a mother never ends, changes, but doesn’t end.

Isn’t that the way it should be?

In caring for my daughter before and after her surgery, I was surprised when all the mothering nurturing feelings came back to me.

When she nearly passed out, I was taken back to a day in the high school when she collapsed on the gym floor at Kalamazoo Christian and was carried off by one of their coaches.

When I made chicken soup from the chicken she had purchased (this was preplanned on her part) I couldn’t help but think of all the times I made soup for colds, general illness recovery, or just to make them feel as if their Grandma Gigi was there.

Leaving Denver was especially heart tugging. While it is wonderful to know that my girls are just a flight away, I have overcome terrible fears of flight, because being a mother trumps all those insecurities. I wondered if she had enough food, would she handle those 4 flights of stairs, who would be helping her out, and would she remember all the things she needed to do to rehabilitate. (Never mind that it was an ACL and she is an Athletic Trainer with a degree).

But being a mother also means that you have to let go.

So, as hard as it was, I made my way home.

What fulfillment to be a mother!

It brings me to today’s point about mothering. It is needed. It is mandatory. If you are feeling overwhelmed by this type of selfless giving,

Get over it!

It is a responsibility with lasting influence.

I was lucky to have many mother figures for my kids as they were growing up. Strong women who would drop everything to take care of them.

It is the network. Have a network.

Thanks for listening.

I am off to give my mother a call.

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