How do you handle a curve ball?

Curve Balls are an asset of a good pitcher.

For many of us, however, they mean an upset of the norm, an unexpected obstacle, a loss of control, and a huge pain in the rear. I am watching the Hurricane Harvey news on television this morning. It is devastating Texas. And yet, it is something everyone knows might happen each year during the June-November season.I am sure folks hold their breath awaiting any probable catastrophe every year, hoping the conditions will not gel. It is an odds games between the warmth of the gulf waters and those puffs of disturbance off of Africa.

Unexpected curve balls.

My daughter texted me this morning from Denver. As she got to her car this morning, she noted that not one but two of her tires had been slashed during the night. A curveball again…and on a Monday. I started thinking about how she responded.

Angry? Of course. But her overall outlook was to dismiss the hold this curveball had over her life and continue to move forward. The people who are losing homes and possessions in Texas are in the throes of catastrophe. Yet, many who are interviewed maintain that “things are just things.”

How do you respond to a curveball in your life?

I can tell you from experience that if you sit and wait for devastation to hit, your life will pass you by. You control the voyage. You are the navigator. Whatever comes. I wish you all continued strength as you steer through these messes in your lives.Lisa

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