What does this word mean to you?

Depending on where you are in life, I believe it to have many different and appropriate meanings.

For my teacher friends, urgency means getting classrooms and plans ready for a deadline. My business friends might find meaning in the fact that a quarter is ending. Travelers might feel that they can squeeze one more fun filled weekend in. But for all of is, it means the end or limit of time.

It reminds me of a passage in HATCHET by Gary Paulsen, where Brian, the lone survivor of a plane crash in the Canadian wilderness, wakes up to his first frosty morning. He feel urgency in the air and tells himself: ”There are these things to do.” He is caught off guard and needs to prepare for what may come next, in order to survive.

As you approach this next new season, what does your inner urgency meter tell you?

Ready for what lies ahead?


Get your ducks in a row.

Develop routines that are reachable and reasonable.

Don’t be caught out in the cold.

Happy new day!

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