Tick. Tick. Tick.

Have you ever seen posts on Facebook about being grateful?

Somehow, I think, if you have to be reminded to be grateful, you might want to change the way you look at life.

I took Mojo, my lovable mutt, out on the Portage Trail today. We started at a good pace and he was eager to smell every smell, pounce through the remnants of puddles, and smile at me with excitement. A dog is an amazing example of reveling in the “now”. Content with what they have and grateful for the chance to explore.

Today is the type of day to bottle up.

It is summer full on.

The greens are at their most vibrant. The leaves make incredible music as the breeze gently pushes them into sway. The birds are going about their business and the world is alive. No wonder we love it so much. There really aren’t many things I find as beautiful as Michigan at this time of year.

I walked that path and inside my head, I worked out kinks, created scenarios, planned and re-planned. Mindfulness is not just sitting still and meditating. When given the uninterrupted chance to be at peace with what is happening in your head, you will only become more grounded and understanding of others. If it freaks you out to call it “mindfulness” as if it is some hippie age practice, you can just call it thinking.

Am I right?

I am so grateful. For every minute I breathe, for every person I have ever known, for every experience I have ever had (good and bad). They have made me more.

Won’t you join me in an acknowledgement of practicing yet another tick=tick=tick practice?

Grateful. Every second. With every tick of the clock.

Thanks for listening.

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