What Kind of Human are You?

How many kinds of human nature are there?

I have often heard it said that humans are innately good. My Church would say that humans, although good, are sinners. My friends at the Court would say, not on record, that some humans just are beyond the scope of being saved. I have kept my eyes open and done my own analysis.

I was in Chicago this weekend and attended a free Blues Festival that is held every year by the city. There were thousands of people crammed into a hot outdoor venue, and the tempers could have been prickly. But they weren’t. I saw people of all races and creeds enjoying their favorite genre of music with equal zeal. Dancing and laughing, it seemed that these humans were the height of human decency. There was no politics, opinions, or arguments. They were there for the Common Good to enjoy their Pursuit of Happiness. Driving back to Michigan, I heard on the radio that 43 people were shot in Chicago last weekend. It got me thinking. Would things have been different if they would have opted for free entertainment? What was the focus for their weekend?

I arrived back in South Haven hot and crusty from the ride around the southern portion of the lake. Deciding to walk down to take a quick dip in Lake Michigan, I couldn’t help but notice the condition of the beach. It obviously had held many humans during the past few hot days. There was discarded stuff everywhere. The pair of shorts, shirt and hat that were lying in the middle of the street, I had written off as falling out of a wagon or some such beach transference. But, I wondered when I actually hit the sand, who were these humans thinking was going to come in and pick up their empty cans, plastic bottles and tops, cigarette butts, random flip flops, and the dirty diaper in the beach grass? OR DID THEY EVEN THINK TWICE ABOUT LEAVING THEIR WORTHLESS DISCARDED MATERIALS BEHIND?

Lecturing humans how to be more responsible when they don’t own something, doesn’t work. There is no pride in the upkeep of beaches or trash all over the streets for them. They will go home with a cleaner car for dumping their crap out the windows and never think twice about who will have to pick it up.

When they decide on a new beach day, they will arrive at a pristine beach and junk it up all over again. It is the cycle of some humans. I get it.

Last fall, on Bronson Boulevard in Kalamazoo, a set of newspapers had been placed at the bottom of Edgemoor, apparently to be distributed by a newspaper delivery person. But it never happened. The wind got to the stack of over a hundred papers and blew them down both sides of the road for a good half mile. I waited to see what would happen to the papers. They were there the next day. Many hundreds of cars had driven by and perhaps some humans had shook their head at the mess but no one stopped. As I went down there with garbage bags, it was as if I was invisible to the passing cars.

Where is the line? When does trying to do the right thing make you a chump? Are there really humans out there waiting for someone to clean up their messes as they continue to make them? You bet there are. Without ownership and pride in where you live, who you are, what message you want to send, the best people can become among the wayward. The renter who is in for a week and is heard to say” Yeah, I am only here for a week, so these rules can’t stick because no one really knows me here.” Well, it is sort of true.

My theory, well hope really, is that Karma is a real entity and for the sake of my future, I am going to do the right thing…all the time. But that’s just me. I have kind of a wimpy guilt thing going on. But, I am thinking that, maybe, just maybe, the eye of another human will be watching and make some changes in how they treat things that don’t belong to them. Long shot, I know. This is a test. Thanks for lis

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