What your tribe says about you

I always thought I was lucky to have daughters. They are an extension of my thoughts, hopes, and dreams. They have the same fears, humor (although they are so much funnier) and moral servitude. They like to shop for bargains and hold them high when they have scored something great. What I do not have, that they possess, is the raw willingness to tackle the unknown. In many ways, I have learned from them. Last weekend, the stars aligned and I was fortunate enough to be with them and two of their cousins (a small but powerful representation of a larger tribe) Although we sorely missed the rest, we held this time dear. These kids were together at my sister Abby's house while I worked at school.


A Chicago Tribune article has some interesting points about adults and their behavior at their children’s sporting events. Having had two athletes of my own, I can honestly say I have probably crossed the line myself. Not with any physical blows, but can understand the heat of the moment outburst. It doesn’t give me a pass to admit it, though. I come from a family of athletes. We supported each other in every game. It was sort of the culture of my parents to plan our meals, weekends, free time, and food around the athlete (okay, my brothers) who was having a game. Things were rushed, homework done on the fly, and the long drives to and from games often an hour, all told, one way. It was assu

Trash Talk

Something happened yesterday and I have thought about it a lot today. I was driving over an overpass in my hometown as a truck (not too clean and a little beat up) buzzed by me. Out of their windows poured wrappers and bags from the fast food restaurant they had pulled away from. Stuff like this makes my blood boil. Trash cans are provided upon exiting that parking lot, yet these people show blatant disregard for everything around them. It makes me wonder if everything we do to undo these behaviors will ever make a dent within a mindset deeply rooted in the “I could care less” mentality. I see young people trying to make a difference all the time. It doesn’t take much to clean up after yours

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