Initial Impression

Yesterday, I reached out to people I worked with in the later part of my career. I needed their help and although I hadn’t seen them in 3 years or more, they were happy to assist. They have always been great to me. I love that! Connections. Networks. Tribes. Throughout our life, these people provide a needed and revered spot. Connections present themselves in layers. For instance, if I really need to share what is on my heart, I have a coveted group of people. My GO-TO’s. These are my inner counsel. They know it and accept the job. The family layer, some of which are already in the above group, know my strengths and weaknesses and are supportive. This group includes all the cousins, aunts an

Check Yourself

Something happened at my former school district. It was a threat of a school shooting and it shut the entire district down. The threat was credible and the student has been placed in jail. It is a small town and many people talk to each other at times like this. Many parents took to social media to express their shock and disbelief. They thought it couldn’t happen there. Looking back at childhood, what were the things that made you so mad that you thought about suicide to get other people’s attention? Did you ever ask yourself what others would do if you weren’t around anymore? It seems like school shootings are about kids feeling up against it or that they don’t belong; wanting to have retr

The Hole in the Fence

He was walking over the bridge. It was below zero and I was walking my dog on the sidewalk. My dog, sniffing a tree, was oblivious to anything but the scent he was trying so hard to eke out. I was intrigued, though, by the man. He was dark skinned. He wore a hooded sweatshirt under a waterproof jacket. He carried a lunch pail and was surely on his way to work. As he approached me, I moved over to the side so he could pass. Instead, he walked well into the street, eyes downcast. Perhaps he had a bad dog experience, I told myself. “Good Morning”, I said to his back as he ambled down the road. Later, I walked into town. I love the idea of being so close that I can wander the shops or do a lit

Teachers: The Life Rings in choppy seas

Sipping on my coffee and watching morning news shows is one of the perks of my day. Today was no different. Oprah visited CBS THIS MORNING where her friend Gayle interviewed her. I have always loved the loyalty of their friendship. They remind us of connectedness and its importance to our overall wellbeing. Just two normal gals dishing about life… Today I wanted to be sitting there with them. It seems Oprah’s new enlightenment forum is on childhood trauma. I know firsthand what they are talking about. For me and my fellow teachers, the behavior that is exhibited by students on a daily basis is very telling as to the extent of their connectedness with their home. Chaos breeds chaos. For many


Teachers here in Michigan are blessed with networks in which they can share ideas and strategies. There are a myriad of universities and colleges to assist when a new teacher needs credit hours or extra classes to fulfill the requirements levied by the State and Federal Governments. But let’s face the facts. The job is grueling. There really is no other profession, I can think of, in which you must plan your bathroom breaks and hope your body cooperates, have sick days in place but do a whole day’s planning so a sub can come and hold your class where it is without sliding backward until you recover, feel guilty if you leave at the time you should, and always take work home at the end of the

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